Child and adult role playing as a builder

Importance of Role Playing

In this blog we will be exploring the importance of role playing and how it is an effective way for children to make sense of the world around them.  Role playing also supports children to: Develop their communication and language skills Act out and make sense of real-life situations Explore, investigate and experiment Develop their…

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Creative Christmas Activities

With Christmas just around the corner what better way to get into the spirit than doing some fun creative Christmas activities with your little ones? Here are just a few ideas from the Nursery Team! Bauble painting Brighten up your baubles by adding a splash of paint! Acrylic paint works best with a fine paint…

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Brain Games for Toddlers

Boost your little ones maths, science and literacy skills with these fun, inexpensive brain games for toddlers that you can create with objects from around your home! Make your own colour matching toys Sorting and matching is such an important early math skill that helps in classification of objects. We always start with learning to sort…

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Child dressing themselves

Teaching Your Child to Dress Themselves

Teaching your child to get dress themselves is an important life skill and can be hard to learn.  Children learning to dress themselves builds confidence, giving them a sense of achievement and gratification they have accomplished something.  It also encourages independence, meaning helping them to get dressed is one less thing for you to do!…

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Giving Up the Dummy

Giving up the dummy can be a hot topic of conversation and there are lots of opinions as to whether to use a dummy or not.  Here are some general points on dummy use in order for you as a parent to make your own decision. Should I give up the dummy? Many parents choose…

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Easter Inspired Activities

Easter is a great time for crafts and being creative! There are a lot of fun activities and games to play too! Here are some of our favourite Easter inspired activities! Decorate eggs Once you have boiled your eggs, all you need is a variety of paint colours, fine paint brushes and let your child’s…

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Chinese Decorations

Chinese New Year Activity Ideas for Kids

Chinese New Year is upon us and 2021 is the year of the Ox! During a legendary race the Ox was kind and gave the Rat a lift on its back. Only then to be cheated of his win by the Rat jumping off his back near the finishing line, ahead of the Ox, and…

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Children Sharing in the Early Years

Sharing in the Early Years

Parents with two or more children often face difficulties with their children sharing on a daily basis.  Struggles with sharing and turn taking in the early years is inevitable; children are beginning to learn about ownership and can become possessive about their things. Problems can also occur when other children visit your home or when…

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Diwali Activity Ideas

Celebrate the festival of light with your children by getting them involved with these fun Diwali activity ideas! Salt Dough Diva Lamps Candles and diva lamps feature greatly in the Diwali festival.  You can make candle holder using dough.  Follow link for easy play dough recipe. Paper Lanterns Using A4 paper, cut off a strip…

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Colourful Wiggly Worms!

A fun experiment for children to create colourful wiggly worms. This activity will help children develop fine motor skills and learn about cause and effect. What you need: 3 paper kitchen towel sheets Pen / Chopstick Washable marker/ colour pens Permanent marker Dropper/pippet Water Plate or Bowl Instructions: Cut a paper towel sheet in half…

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