The Daily Mile – Early Years

We’ve been successfully delivering The Daily Mile (opens in new tab) at Early Years settings in Newham since 2019!

Children are encouraged to run/jog/toddle for 15 mins daily as part of their free play. The Daily Mile is not competitive, there is no need to be sporty and children can set their own pace for 15 minutes.

The Daily Mile supports children to be fitter, healthier, happier and has a positive impact on their behaviour and concentration levels. It is simple and effective, enabling every child, including those with additional needs, to be active every day.

The Daily Mile – Early Years

Did you know that children are spending more time sitting down and less time being active. More than 90% of children under five are not active enough, with just 9% of two to four-year-olds meeting the current guidelines of three hours of physical activity per day!

Our nurseries here in Newham want to ensure your children become more aware of their health and are supported to be more active on a daily basis! Children who are more active have:

  • Reduced levels of stress and anxiety and are happier
  • Improved fitness and energy levels
  • Better focus and concentration

The project is supported by the Early Start Nutrition team as children are encouraged to be aware of the importance of activity and healthy eating across our settings.

Training for Early Years Settings

Early Start Nutrition share their experience of rolling out The Daily Mile in early years setting in our FREE training

Delivering The Daily Mile – Early Years (opens in new tab) – The training explores:

  • How The Daily Mile links to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework reforms
  • The activity recommendations for children in the early years and how The Daily Mile can help to achieve those recommendations
  • Simple steps you can take to set up and deliver The Daily Mile
  • The range of resources available to help you deliver of The Daily Mile

To support you to successfully deliver The Daily Mile in your setting we have developed a range of Activity Cards. You can download these and use as a guide to engage early years children in 15 minutes of movement.

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Daily Mile Activity Card Examples

You can watch The Daily Mile in action at Early Start Nursery, Shrewsbury below:


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