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Meet Your Staff Rep

What is a Staff Rep

The role of the Early Start Staff Rep is to be the voice of the staff team and to liaise with senior management. They are expected to attend board meetings and to feedback any decisions that have been made that effect the wider staffing team. They have a chance within these board meetings to highlight any suggestions, queries or complaints the staff team have regarding the direction of the business.

You can contact your Staff Rep by attending quarterly clinics or by emailing them if a situation needs to be addressed in a quicker manner. Your staff rep is not the person to contact around individual issues that a staff member is facing as this would be their direct line manager as a first point of call. However, your staff rep could be contacted if the relationship between manager and staff member needs any mediation, this should only looked to be used when a positive solution cannot be found previously.

Dominic Beattie Staff Rep HeadshotWho is the Early Start Group Staff Rep

The Early Start Group staff rep is currently Dominic Beattie. He was appointed as staff rep in August 2019 and was the first staff rep to be elected by the staff team. Here is the brief that Dominic offered out to be considered as the staff rep:

“This is my 11th year working alongside many of you and in the many guises I have had in that time I believe I have created a positive professional relationship with you all.

I have worked as a data clerk, data manager and currently as an ICT manager. These roles allowed me to have an insight into every service we provide so that I have at least a basic understanding of all the good work you provide. 

When the opportunity to put myself forward for the Staff Rep came up I jumped at the chance. I wanted to take the experience I have in dealing with the many different teams over years to become your representative regarding staff well being.

I believe a happy and respected workforce is always going to be the most productive and would love the opportunity to take your views forward to Senior Management and the board. I don’t see this as only hearing about concerns, although I will always be available for any issue you may be facing, but as a chance for us to take our ideas forward to create an even better service for all of our service users and staff.

I believe the qualities I hold which will allow me to be a good fit in this role are being approachable, sympathetic, solution focused, confident discussing issues in meetings as well as striving to always be looking for new ways to improve. I hope you feel you can count on me to be your representative.”

Contact Dominic with any queries you have