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Healthy eating is important for everyone, but especially crucial during the early years to support children's growth, development and learning. That's why our team are on a mission to promote positive attitudes and enjoyment of nutritious food throughout childhood and beyond.

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Nutrition Training

As Registered Nutritionists, we provide quality training to help you improve the health outcomes of children and families. Our nutrition training covers topics such as menu planning, managing fussy eating and nutrition for young children. Choose between our classroom or online training.


Health Award

Is your setting striving for best nutrition practice? Our Health Award highlights your commitment in achieving best practice, from developing a positive eating environment, providing healthy menus to managing dietary requirements. You'll get tailored hands on support from our expert nutritionists.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team

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Blogs & Recipes

Blogs and Recipes

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Parents Area

Parents Area

Explore information on nutrition for your little ones, plus our parent courses

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School of Food & Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork, IRL

I found the Food and Nutrition for Infants training really excellent. The graphics are very clear and helpful, and it is amazing to have all the references listed at the end of the training. It was refreshing not to have to sift through information wondering which of it might be evidence-based or not. The course has provided me with everything I need to support new parents in weaning infants.

Cook Healthy


It is an absolute pleasure to work with the Early Start Team, they are a really friendly, professional and approachable group. The group provide invaluable resources, courses and their social media content is always helpful and engaging.

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