Good nutrition is important for everyone, but it's especially crucial during the early years, to support children's growth, development and learning. That's why our team are on a mission to promote positive attitudes and enjoyment of nutritious food throughout childhood and beyond.

Our award winning team offer a range of online and classroom nutrition trainings, along with a Nutrition Award, so settings can showcase their commitment to putting nutrition at the heart of their practice.

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We're proud to announce that Early Start Nutrition have won the following awards in 2020:

Complete Nutrition Award for Nutrition Resource of the Year 2020

The 18th National NMT Nursery Award for Nursery Training and Development 2020

The Caroline Walker Trust Media Food Campaigner of the Year 2020

The Early Start Nutrition team are excited to be finalists for the following award:

Nursery World Awards 2020 - Individual Trainer of the Year

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What We Offer


Nutrition Training

As Registered Nutritionists, we provide quality training to help you improve the health outcomes of children and families. Our nutrition training covers topics such as menu planning, managing fussy eating and nutrition for young children. Choose between our classroom or online training.

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Nutrition Award

Is your setting striving for nutrition excellence? Our Nutrition Award will highlight your commitment in achieving best practice, from developing positive eating environments to providing healthy menus. You'll get tailored hands-on  support from our expert Registered Nutritionists.

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Meet the Team

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Parents Area

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Working With Our Team

Kerry- Keir Hardie Children's Centre

The online training is well set out, and information is displayed in short sections making it easy to read and remember. The resources are great and the links to other websites allow for additional reading of current advice.

Sumee- Early Years Practitioner, Altmore Children's Centre

As an Early Years Practitioner, this training has given me an immense knowledge and understanding about nutrition & well being and how to support our families providing evidence based advice. It has also given me an opportunity to reflect myself during my planning and to improvise on interesting  activities (e.g) Physical Activity – Introduced physical movement songs during ‘Circle Time,’ Healthy Eating – Making salad, fruit kebab, games- choosing healthy pack lunch, etc. As part of the training I have made informative display boards around the early years room such as Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, etc which made easy access to vital Information for families.

Vicky- Family Support Worker, Altmore Children's Centre

The online courses are very easy to use and the layout of the information is easy to read and follow. The choice of courses provided is very varied depending on what role you play within the setting. I have found them all to be very informative and gives you lots of basic information and most importantly ways of the providing this to our families.

Lucy- Front of House, Altmore Children's Centre

I have found the nutrition training to be educational and it has provided basic information that we can pass on to our families to give them tips and advice. The training system is straightforward which allows you to learn easily. It has also been eye opening as to the impact of getting eating habits, oral health and many more right in early years has on future growth and development. 

Tamara Sidorova- Contact Supervisor, Early Start Group

I really enjoyed the training day and look forward to other courses to keep up to date. The course was very interesting and very well organised with a range of practical activities and excellent delivery. Thank you for the opportunity to develop awareness of the healthy eating for infants and toddlers.

Emilija Vaickute- Early Years Practitioner, Apple Tree Nursery

Thank you so much! This training was really helpful and interesting. Definitely, I am going to prepare some cooking activities with children as we have been already practising them. But now we have extended our knowledge and gained some new ideas for cooking activities. Thank you.

Karen Pollock- Early Years Manager, Harpurs Hill Children & Family Centre Ltd, Northern Ireland

‘I first heard about the Early Start Group when I attended The Nursery World Conference in London in 2018.

I was so impressed by the live show they did that I really wanted to get more information and get my team back in Northern Ireland all trained to be able to promote the best nutrition for children during snack time within my setting. Since the conference 11 of my staff have completed the online Nutrition training for toddlers, which will allow us to share the information with parents through snack demonstrations at our stay and play sessions, alongside key message and information to take home.

I found the staff so helpful when I had queries, which made the process of getting so many of my team trained smoother. Thank you Edwina and the rest of the Early Start Team’.

Jacqueline Lyons, PhD- Nutritionist- School of Food & Nutritional Sciences, University College Cork

I found the Food and Nutrition for Infants training really excellent. The graphics are very clear and helpful, and it is amazing to have all the references listed at the end of the training. It was refreshing not to have to sift through information wondering which of it might be evidence-based or not. The course has provided me with everything I need to support new parents in weaning infants.

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