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Difficulties with Remote Learning

Home Learning in Lockdown

With half term coming to an end, the thought of going back to home learning during lockdown will be playing on many parents mind.  There is no shortage of advice out there at the moment, however it is good to have a reminder about some of the things we can be doing to make home…

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Child comforting parent

Grief and Bereavement with Children

Everyone experiences bereavement, grief and loss differently. It is the feeling when we lose something (including pets) or someone important to us. There is no right or wrong way to feel.  There are other types of loss such as losing home, end of relationship (separation/divorce) or losing a job. Due to the corona virus pandemic…

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Rainbow Lego

February Half Term Activities

With the country still in lockdown, parents might be wondering what to do with their children during the February half term.  The parenting team are here to help and we have compiled a list of free and affordable activities, which provide hours of fun, that the whole family can enjoy! Junk Modelling Give cardboard tubes,…

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Chinese Decorations

Chinese New Year Activity Ideas for Kids

Chinese New Year is upon us and 2021 is the year of the Ox! During a legendary race the Ox was kind and gave the Rat a lift on its back. Only then to be cheated of his win by the Rat jumping off his back near the finishing line, ahead of the Ox, and…

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Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to try some new recipes and activities with your kids. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite valentine’s day recipes to make with your little ones. Be prepared to make good use of your heart shaped cooking cutters! The following recipes will be prefect for your little ones to…

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Easy pancake recipe image

Delightfully Delicious Pancake Recipes

Pancake day is fast approaching (frankly we love to make pancakes all year round!), so we wanted to create a blog post to share our favourite pancake recipes. They’re quick to whip up, delightfully delicious and it’s super easy to vary your toppings! Making pancakes can also be a fun activity for the whole family,…

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Hand prints

Sensory Play Activities for Children who have Additional Needs

Sensory play is important for the development of all children, and that’s even more so for children with additional needs like autism who might have sensory integration issues. Activities like squishing play dough or blowing bubbles stimulates the senses and helps children discover and understand the world around them. Sensory play helps to develop fine…

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Child Interrupting a phonecall

Positive Steps to Prevent Children Interrupting your Call

Whether you are on the phone or busy with important work it can be highly frustrating when you have children interrupting you.  Children are so focused on their own needs they don’t realise you have needs too.  Many children can occupy themselves for 10 to 30 minutes and it is reasonable to expect a young…

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Easy Lockdown Lunch Ideas

Coming into 2021, many of us had the best intentions of making more exciting and nutritious lunches. However, it can be difficult to find quick and easy recipes to make in your lunch break, particularly if you’re juggling working from home or homeschooling, or both in some cases! While we can’t help you with your…

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Children Sharing in the Early Years

Sharing in the Early Years

Parents with two or more children often face difficulties with their children sharing on a daily basis.  Struggles with sharing and turn taking in the early years is inevitable; children are beginning to learn about ownership and can become possessive about their things. Problems can also occur when other children visit your home or when…

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