National Vegetarian Week 2020

It’s National Vegetarian Week 2020!

This week is all about enjoying delicious, plant-based food, having a go at creating new dishes and getting cooking at home.

A healthy vegetarian diet which includes dairy products and eggs, is the same as for anyone else, but without meat or fish. The Eatwell Guide shows the different types of food we should aim to eat to have a healthy, balanced diet.

Meat free dishes can be low cost, as vegetarian sources of protein are usually cheaper than meat and fish.
  • Try to include a range of vegetarian protein sources in your diet, such as: beans, pulses, lentils, eggs, soya, tofu, nuts and seeds (always offer under 5’s smooth nut butters or finely ground nuts and seeds)
  • Opt for beans and pulses tinned in water, without added salt or sugar
  • Be mindful that processed vegetarian products, such as veggie burgers, can be very high in salt. It’s therefore recommended to limit these and try making your own version at home.

Check out our tasty recipes below for inspiration!

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