Parent Nutrition

Christmas Advent Calendar Door Number 1

Nutrition Advent Calendar

Welcome to our Nutrition Advent Calendar. For the whole of December you can open the door to our favourite festive treats. Each morning you’ll find a new recipe hiding behind our interactive advent calendar! Once you click on the door you’ll be taken to our festive recipe cards which you can download to recreate the…

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Two boys making pizzas in school

Reducing Sugar in Children’s Meals and Snacks

Eating well is important in the early years, as it helps children to establish healthy eating behaviours which supports their growth, development and learning. Supporting children to eat a wide variety of foods helps them to develop good eating habits which they can take with them into their school years and beyond. In this blog…

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Baby Breakfast

Baby Breakfast Ideas

Baby Breakfast Ideas In this blog we are taking a look at our favourite baby breakfast ideas! Breakfast is a great time to provide your little one with a variety of foods and to support them to get used to a range of tastes and textures. You can find out more about the when and…

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Family Breakfast Ideas

A nutritious breakfast is a great way to fuel the start of your day. We know mornings can be a busy time for most families, so we’ve put together some of our favourite quick and tasty recipes! What should I do if my little one doesn’t like to eat breakfast? Lots of adults and children…

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Muslim mother accessing breastfeeding support on her phone

Feeding Baby at Nursery

As a nursery or childminding setting, you play a central role in feeding babies and establishing healthy eating habits from an early age. Your staff are also well placed to provide baby feeding information to families, due to the frequency of contact you have with them. It’s really important for your setting to have an…

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Eating Well as a New Mum

Congratulations on becoming a mum! No doubt you’ll be adapting to a new way of life and routine with your new arrival. While you’ll be busy trying to meet your baby’s needs, it’s essential that you continue to look after yourself. This can be a little easier said than done, as a new baby requires…

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Selection of Healthy Food

Nutrition and Fertility

We often get asked about nutrition for fertility, so in this blog we’ll take a look at healthy eating to support overall health and well-being. Can nutrition affect fertility? There are many factors that can affect your chances of getting pregnant and it’s not just down to food alone. It can be affected by age,…

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Feed Your Family On A Budget

The increase in the cost of living is affecting a lot of families, and many of us are making cut-backs  in a bid to save money. In this blog we discuss tips on how to save money on food and feed your family on a budget. Feed Your Family On A Budget- Planning Plan your…

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Fussy Eating in Toddlers and Top Tips to Help

Fussy eating in toddlers is common and considered a normal part of their development. However, if your little one is a fussy or picky eater, it can be a worrying time for you and anyone helping to look after your child (such as their nursery or childminder). There are lots of strategies that you can…

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Pregnant woman eating yoghurt

Supplement Recommendations During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, eating a healthy and varied diet will help you to get most of the vitamins and minerals that you need.  You can find more about How to Eat Well During your Pregnancy by clicking to our blog here (opens in new tab). You will however need to take some supplements during pregnancy to…

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