Oral Health Promotion

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Good oral health supports children to eat, speak and socialise without disease, discomfort or embarrassment. Yet in the UK today, around 25% of five year olds have tooth decay, much of which is untreated. Book our Oral Health Promotion training to explore the factors that can impact on children’s oral health, such as diet, tooth brushing and dental visits. You’ll learn useful tips and strategies to help you support families in looking after their children’s teeth.


What you’ll learn in the Oral Health Promotion training

  • The importance of good oral health
  • Factors that impact children’s teeth and the consequences of poor oral health
  • How to look after children’s teeth- including appropriate teeth cleaning techniques and when to register at the dentist
  • Tooth friendly snacks and drinks
  • Suitable cups and beakers for children

Who is this training suitable for?

Early Years Practitioners, such as those working in nurseries and Children Centres, childminders and nannies.

Health professionals, such as: Health Visitors, Midwives, GP’s and Pharmacists.

Those looking to develop their knowledge in early years nutrition, such as: students, nutritionists, dietitians and volunteers.

Leaning Content

The training comprises of information slides and interactive activities.

Resources to support your practice and share with families.

Estimated study time 1- 1.5 hours.


Short multiple choice assessment.

Knowledge Development Plan (KDP) to reflect on your learning.


Certificate issued on successful completion of the course and the Knowledge Development Plan (KDP).


£20 inc Vat.


The training was well set out, easy to understand and very informative. I especially liked the videos of how other settings promote oral health as it has inspired me to incorporate it in to my everyday practice‘. Samira Makardam, Early Years Practitioner, Plaistow Primary School and Children’s Centre- September 2020

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