Nursery Menu Review

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework highlights the importance of planning menus to meet the requirement for the provision of healthier, balanced and nutritious food and drink

Looking to Review your Nursery Menu?

Work with our team of expert Registered Nutritionists who will provide a comprehensive review of your menus and support you to meet the Eat Better Start Better food and drink guidelines.

  • Highlight that you provide nutritious meals and snacks and reflect dietary and cultural requirements
  • Receive tips and recommendations on the design of your menu to make them easy for staff and families to follow
  • Add our 'Menu Approved' logo to your menus and settings publicity
  • Showcase to families that you work hard to put nutrition at the heart of your practice, which is a priority for many families when choosing childcare.
Menu approved by Early Start Nutrition logo

What's Involved in the Menu Review Process?

Menu Review Process: Step 1- Send over your autumn/ winter menus Step 2- We'll review your menu & send you feedback and suggestions Step 3- Consider our feedback and update your menus Step 4- Once you meet the EBSB guidelines, you'll receive our 'Menu Approved' logo.


"My team at Little Stars have gained lots of new skills and knowledge from engaging with Early Start nutrition. My team and I have undertaken a variety of the training's on offer. We have developed our practice and shared our learning with families. We are exceptionally proud of gaining menu approved status in both our spring / summer and winter menus. Edwina and Georgia are amazing and very supportive and patient. I am very grateful to them for their continuous support and engagement with my team".

Tammy Lewis- Nursery Manager at Little Stars Nursery, 2023

"Our menus have been awarded the Early Start Nutrition stamp of approval, recognising that we put nutrition at the heart of our practice by providing nutritious meals and snacks that meet all dietary requirements while being culturally diverse. The team at Early Start Nutrition have been a great help and their knowledge of early years nutrition and their depth of understanding of the National Guidelines around early years healthy eating, has been invaluable to us. We are currently on our second seasonal menu with the Early start Nutrition team, and we will continue to use their services as we update and evolve our future menus"! 

Michael Murphy- Managing Director at
Portland Nurseries Limited, 2023

Menu Approved Settings

Current Nurseries with Menu Approved Status- Alphabet House Nurseries, Little Diamonds LTD, Little Star's Nursery, Tamba Nursery, Minnie Foodies, Portland Nurseries

How much does it cost?

Cost: £240 for up to four menu reviews within a 12 month period

Valid: 1 year

Please note, menus for individual children with medical requirements (e.g. allergies) are not included in this review.

Menu Planning training

You can also book our Menu Planning training to build your confidence in planning meals and snacks that meet children’s dietary requirements.

Menu Planning Product