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Information for Professionals

Roles and Referrals

As a professional there might be times when making a referral to Triple P would be an appropriate course of action to support a family. Please take the following points into consideration and understand yours and the families roles in the referral process:

  • When making a referral consider what group would best suit the parent/s needs
  • If Triple P is part of a Child Protection plan, Social Workers should observe the parent/s and child to ensure strategies are understood and being put into place
  • Consider how families who live apart from their children can put their learning into practice
  • Be realistic in regards to changes that can be made
  • Ensure families are able to commit to the full programme, groups are challenging and require commitment to be effective

In order to orientate professionals working in Newham to the new offer and how to access services, we would like to invite you to attend a Parenting Programme Professional Seminar.

The seminar will cover:

  • Triple P Positive Parenting
  • Core Principles
  • Programme and services available
  • How to refer and what is expected
  • Time for question and answers

Book a Place Today!

To reserve a place on one of our seminars or to arrange a dedicated seminar for your team please contact us below or call us on 0203 373 3101

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

"Many thanks for arranging for us to visit and meet with your staff on Tuesday. It was really informative, and really quite an impressive offer.

Much like the reception and response that my email enquiry received, I was once again impressed by your prompt, efficient and 'can do' outward facing engagement style. 

Really liked it."

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