February Half Term Activities

With the country still in lockdown, parents might be wondering what to do with their children during the February half term.  The parenting team are here to help and we have compiled a list of free and affordable activities, which provide hours of fun, that the whole family can enjoy!

Junk Modelling

Give cardboard tubes, cereal boxes and yoghurt pots a second life! Challenge your little ones to make a sculpture or collage from unused items and waste from around the home.

Tube Trains

Bird Feeder

Attract birds to your open space with this simple bird feeder.

Using pine cones, smear peanut butter into the grooves and cavities.  Stick bird seed onto the peanut butter.  If you haven’t got bird seed you can use sunflower seeds, cooked rice or bread crumbs.

Tie some string around the top and hang it on trees, or balcony window.

Feeding Ducks

The RSPB advise feeding ducks with things like sweetcorn, porridge oats and defrosted frozen peas as well as bird seed.

Feeding Ducks

Bug Hotel

If you have some wooden boxes or pallets to hand, why not invite nature into your garden with a bug hotel?

Collect dried leaves, hollow tubes, pine cones, dead grass and bark. Divide into sections, each part with different materials, creating a warm dry space, for lots of creepy crawlies.

Bug Hotel

Lego Rainbow

Challenge you children to make a Lego rainbow and display in your window, letting the NHS and key workers know we appreciate their hard work and commitment!

For more Lego ideas to do at home with the children, click here!

Rainbow Lego

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt                                                                                                                   

Going on a nature trail is a fun activity in itself, having a scavenger hunt can help children to connect nature and learn about the world around them.

Download and print our free nature hunt activity sheet here, take a clip board and pen and have fun ticking off all items you find off the list.

Family walking outdoors

Outdoor Hide and Seek

A childhood classic game! Define the boundaries to hide in, then take it in turns to hide while the ‘seekers’ go and look for the child hiding.  Always ensure children remain insight at all times.

Hide and seek

Slime Making

To make the most gruesome slime, follow these steps:

  • Measure 1/2 cup of PVA glue and pour into your bowl.
  • Add 1/2 cup of water and mix the two ingredients together.
  • Once the two are well mixed, add food color and glitter.
  • Add a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture and mix it in
  • Mix in 1 tbsp saline solution and stir until slime forms and pulls away from sides of the bowl.

 Guaranteed hours of fun!


Online Tutorial

There are lots of free online tutorials to follow online! Your child can get creative and learn a new skills at the same time.  You may even want to join in too! Here are some online resources we found.

Ballet Virtual Class

For more half term holiday ideas, you can check out our autumn activity blog here!

Let us know what you got up to in the February Half Term below!

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