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Feeding Your Baby in the First Year

Feeding Your Baby in the First Year

This course has been developed by Registered Nutritionists to provide you with helpful information and tips around feeding your baby in their first year.

Complete this course to learn more about:

  • The importance of developing healthy eating habits early on in your child’s life
  • Information on breastfeeding and first infant formula, such as safe milk preparation and storage
  • The recommended age to introduce your baby to solid foods
  • Suitable foods to offer your baby in their first year
  • Texture progression – we take a look at smooth and lumpy foods and finger foods
  • Mealtime routines, including recipe ideas
  • Top tips to encourage your baby to explore new foods
  • Suitable drinks for your baby and when to introduce them to a cup
  • Vitamin recommendations for your baby


Amazing course, I was really apprehensive about the next stage as my baby has just turned 5 months so I knew it was coming and I didn’t know where to begin and it was all too overwhelming. I now feel so confident, I understand what everything means and I am really excited for the next stage and I am going into it completely calm. THANK YOU all so much! What a fantastic course!” Parent, 2022

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