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Our team of nutritionists are on a mission to ensure all children have the best possible start in life. Good nutrition is key to support the growth and development of children in the early years and will help to promote positive attitudes and enjoyment of good food into adulthood. Unfortunately, the UK is faced with a number of public health concerns, with over a fifth of the children overweight or obese and more than one in ten three-year-olds have tooth decay. This harsh reality means it’s more important than ever for early years staff to support families in providing a healthy balanced diet for infants and toddlers.

Our team of expert registered nutritionists will provide you with quality training and support that will help you to improve the health outcomes of children and families you work with in your early years setting. Our Online Training is now available. Click here to create your 'My Learning' account! This includes information on healthy eating, physical activity and menu provision in your nursery or childminding setting. Our Association for Nutrition (AfN) Certified Training and Wellbeing and Nutrition Award will provide you with simple and practical resources to help you speak to parents and have the confidence and skills to promote health and wellbeing in your setting.

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Nursery World Show 2018 – Nutrition Zone Recipes

02 February 2018

Edwina and Georgia delivered practical cooking sessions at the Nursery World Show sharing their top tips and practical recipes to take back to your early years setting, come and download these now!

Nursery World Show 2018

17 January 2018

The Early Start Nutrition Team will be at the Nursery World Show 2018. Take a read of what we will be up to and how to get there!

Well Done Georgia!

27 October 2017

Well done to Georgia as she becomes fully registered with the Association for Nutrition!

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Wellbeing and Nutrition Blogs and Recipes

Breaking Bad…Sedentary Habits

19 February 2018
Written by: Jamie Douglas

Inspired by the Winter Olympics, Jamie looks at the importance of physical activity for children and the need to limit sedentary habits!

Pancake Day 2018

09 February 2018
Written by: Edwina Revel

Pancake day is around the corner! This week Edwina looks at how you can get children involved with the fun in the kitchen with some delicious toppings to go with your pancake!

Making up infant feeds safely

23 January 2018
Written by: Jamie Douglas

This week the team looks at how parents/carers can safely make up feeds for their babies!

Off to the Best Start in Life

15 January 2018
Written by: Edwina Revel

This week Edwina looks at what is out there for parents to ensure their child gets the best start in life!

Change4Life New Campaign

08 January 2018
Written by: Edwina Revel

In this weeks blog Edwina looks at the latest Change 4 Life campaign around healthy snacks for children!

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