Volunteers Afternoon Tea Party

The 1st to the 7th of June marks ‘Volunteers Week’. A week of recognition for all the hard work and commitment volunteers put into  services throughout the country.

This year, we at Early Start Group held a Volunteers Afternoon Tea Party to celebrate our volunteers who work across Newham’s  Early Years Settings, supporting our local children centre’s and/or nurseries in providing hands on support.

The event had a fantastic turn out with attendance from not just volunteers but from mentors, commissioners and Director of Early Start all taking the time out to say ‘thank you’.

Here is a peek into what we got up to……

Tea Party Set Up

All set up and ready to go….

Tea Party

Presents all wrapped up. Just a little something to say ‘Thank You’!

Party Games

Games all set up – let’s have some fun!

Food at the party

Amazing food by the one and only Early Start Nutrition & Wellbeing Team. Who says you need cream and jam on scones! Strawberries and cream cheese is the one to beat!

Volunteers talking

Volunteers just enjoying engaging in conversation, playing games, getting competitive and eating lovely food!

Games Winner

Here we have Shagufta, the winner of the Tea bag throwing game!

Farhana being thanked

This was a totally heart melting moment! I wanted to say thank you to Asfia, but her response was ‘ You should not be thanking me, you have given me so much confidence I should be thanking you!’. This shows that the volunteers contributions are not the only thing to be valued, but also the life changing experience volunteering has on the volunteer themselves.

Director addressing volunteers

Finally, we have Justin Elder, Managing Director of Early Start, thanking each of the volunteers for their commitment and hard work, the mentors for their support to volunteers, trainers Kuldip Sohal and Susan Brown for their dedication to the training package offered.

Huge thanks to you Farhana without your support and help we couldn’t of made our first steps. It was a great pleasure to learn something new. It was like an exchange, you gave us knowledge, support, understanding and we gave our time. The tea party was amazing!You are a star Farhana. I wish you luck and thanks for everything!

Volunteer feedback from the Tea Party

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  1. Farzana Rahman on May 11, 2019 at 2:57 pm

    I am interested to join this event.It’so my first time.I am really exited to tea party.
    Kind regards

  2. Anubha Naugraiya on May 23, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    I am interested to join this event.

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