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Volunteering Training

Our volunteering programme provides all our volunteers with a range of high quality certified training. We are a members of NCVO (National Council for Voluntary Organisations) and the CPD Certification Service (Continuous Professional Development Certification Service). Our Volunteer Induction, Level One Safeguarding, EYFS, Five to Thrive and Oral Health Promotion courses and workshop are certified / accredited  by the CPD Certification Service. Certification/accreditation assures our learners that our training is of high quality and meeting industry standards.

As a registered Early Start Volunteer in Newham you will receive as a minimum our core training offer: 

  • Early Start Volunteer Induction
  • Level One Safeguarding

This will occur prior to the beginning of your placement.We will also provide all our Volunteers with access to our supplementary briefings on:

  • Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Five to Thrive
  • Oral Health Promotion

To enable ease of access the three briefing sessions are delivered in one session of three hours.

All workshops run for approximately three hours and are held at our Newham venue Early Start Nursery & Training Centre (click here for a map and directions).Sessions are delivered on a monthly basis, allowing volunteers to choose a session to fit in with their availability.

Volunteers will have a mentor assigned to them throughout their placement opportunity. All mentor’s have attended our Mentor Training, ensuring they’re able to effectively support volunteers throughout their placement.

For further information on the workshops and learning outcomes please follow the links below.

"Today I spent a great training session with Farhana. She was such a brilliant trainer. She delivered the whole session very elaborately and informatively...I feel really confident after today’s session. Hopefully the upcoming session will give me more knowledge and confidence as well. You did a great job (your smile is just a magic?). Thank you."