Minced and Mashed Foods

By the age of 10-12 months, your baby should be able to manage minced and chopped foods, rather than mashed.

Your baby can be introduced to firmer foods to get them used to biting and chewing.

Start moving your baby towards eating the same healthy foods as the rest of your family, in smaller portions, so that by the age of 1 they are eating a range of family foods.

Remember to take out your baby’s portion before you add any salt, salted flavourings, or sugar!

Try using fresh and dried herbs, spices, and garlic in recipes to create extra flavour. Introduce spices gradually and in moderation. Your baby is unlikely to enjoy very spicy food, particularly if chilli is used, but over time you can introduce more spicing.

Remember that all babies are different and some babies take longer to enjoy more highly-flavoured food than others.