The All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

Edwina and Georgia are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood, contributing to a number of reports. Our contribution to the group has been recognised by Helen Clarke, Chair of the Working Group.

Maternal Obesity, June 2017

Physical Education, October 2016

Helen Clark: Lead Author for The All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood

I am delighted to recommend the work of Edwina Revel and Georgia Leech from the London Borough of Newham Nutrition and Wellbeing Team.

Edwina and Georgia are enthusiastic, deeply committed and extremely authoritative and dynamic members of The All Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood, co-Chaired by Jim Fitzpatrick MP and Baroness (Floella) Benjamin. Officially constituted as an APPG by the Houses of Parliament in 2014, the Group has swiftly gained a reputation as one of the most influential such affiliate bodies in Westminster. To date it has published seven reports that have reached a wide national and international audience, with serious interest from mainstream and specialist media. Some issues raised in the reports have been considered by Ministers and officials, discussed in Westminster debate and have appeared in the manifestos of  the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties at the last two General Elections. Our wide membership includes representatives from industry, the voluntary sector, health and educational professionals, local government and senior academics as well as media concerns. We feel that we have advanced the cause of child wellbeing  and fitness for lifelong health and the ultimate goal of a truly productive adult society both now and in the future.

Edwina and Georgia have contributed much to this work; especially in material content as submitted to our reports ‘Physical Education’, ‘Maternal Obesity’ and ‘Physical Activity in Early Childhood’ (currently in production). They attend our wider speaker meetings regularly and have established proactive and mutually beneficial relationships with other members and concerns linked to the APPG. I have been especially impressed by the quality of their well-researched written papers that have contributed greatly to our reports as mentioned. Whilst underpinned by excellent and demonstrable academic research, Edwina and Georgia always have a practical impetus to their writing. What matters is ‘what works’, ‘what has been proved to work’ and ‘what can be usefully adapted to suit other organisations in related circumstances.’ Theory is bolstered by practice and I am delighted that the work that is being  done in Newham, pioneered by Georgia and Edwina, is proving  to be a  blueprint for other authorities to follow and adapt to suit their own circumstances. Edwina Revel and Georgia Leech have ensured that their London borough is a pioneer and child champion in the every best sense.

If child health and fitness is to become a reality for all children, regardless of their family situation, geographical location or economic circumstances, parents, carers and health and education professionals require support and encouragement. The pilots, schemes, written information and overall example set by Georgia and Edwina goes some estimable way to achieving this ideal. I applaud their work and am extremely grateful for their interest in, and contribution to, the work of our APPG.

Helen Clark: 25th July 2017

Early Start Group Wellbeing and Nutrition APPG White Paper

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