Supervised Tooth Brushing Programme

Deliver a Tooth Brushing Session in your Nursery

Susan Lawrence and Shrewsbury nursery are taking part in the Supervised Tooth Brushing programme. The programme supports children to brush their teeth for two minutes, daily, using a fluoride toothpaste. Following training and support from the Dental Wellness Trust the nursery are successfully supporting children and families to learn the importance of looking after their teeth.

Why is it important to look after children’s teeth?

Every day, increasing numbers of children require not just a simple filling but often multiple fillings or extractions – usually caused by not brushing their teeth twice daily and consuming excessive sugary foods and drinks. The nursery recognise the importance of supporting children to look after their smiles and reduce their risk of developing dental caries. Dental decay is largely preventable yet a quarter (25%) of 5 year olds have experienced tooth decay, having on average 3 or 4 teeth affected.

The nurseries ensure all children have a reduced risk of developing dental decay. The nursery use their knowledge from attending the early start nutrition training to communicate messages on healthy drinks and snacks to children. They provide advice to parents on when to visit the dentist (as soon as the first tooth comes through) to ensure children have their teeth checked on a regular basis (every six months).

Staff are extremely positive in delivering the programme and children look forward to brushing their teeth every day. Parents report their children now brush their teeth at home when previously they didn’t.

The Dental Wellness Trusts FREE LiveSmart supervised toothbrushing programmes are specifically designed to teach children about good oral health, empower children to look after themselves and provide them with healthy habits that last a life time. The Dental Wellness Trust help early years settings to meet your statutory duty to include oral health as part of Health Education in your setting. If you are interested in delivering the Supervised Tooth Brushing programme you can contact the team today. You can also learn more about the importance of good oral health by booking on our Oral Health Promotion Training.



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