Positive Mealtimes – Fussy Eating Strategies for Families

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This interactive guide has been created for families who‘d like to know how to support their child who is a fussy eater! Mealtimes can be challenging when your little one refuses to eat the food you have prepared for them, so this guide will help to answer questions, such as why children refuse food, along with lots of tips and strategies to support your child at mealtimes. You’ll also find lots of helpful resources, such as meal plans and tip sheets, to help you create positive mealtimes.


Positive Mealtimes – Fussy Eating Strategies for Families

This course has been developed by Registered Nutritionists to provide you with helpful information and tips around how to support your little one at mealtimes.

Complete this course to learn more about:

  • Children’s eating behaviours and how it might impact your little ones at mealtimes
  • Factors that affect your child’s appetite
  • Common reasons for food refusal
  • Strategies to support you at mealtimes or when eating out
  • Tools and resources to support you at home
  • Support for parents – top tips for parents at mealtimes.