A Health Professionals Guide to Nutrition in Pregnancy

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This course has been developed by Registered Nutritionists to support Health Care Professionals, such as Health Visitors, Midwifes and GP’s, to learn more about the key food and nutrient requirements for women before, during and after pregnancy.You’ll explore topics including: dietary guidelines, food and drinks to avoid, weight gain, and supplement requirements.

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What you’ll learn in this training course:

  • Key diet and lifestyle considerations when planning a pregnancy, including diet, supplementation and body weight
  • How to achieve a healthy balanced diet during pregnancy, including food group requirements, considerations for vegetarian and vegan women, along with foods to limit/avoid
  • The importance of hydration and the drinks to limit/avoid in pregnancy
  • Energy requirements during pregnancy, along with information on healthy weight gain
  • How to manage food and eating during pregnancy, including food safety and common pregnancy complaints, such as morning sickness, and constipation
  • Supplement requirements during pregnancy, including folic acid and vitamin D, where women can get access to supplements, and information on supplements that women should avoid
  • Key diet and lifestyle considerations for new mothers, including diet, supplementation, foods to avoid, and body weight
  • Where to find reputable, evidence based information and resources.

Who is this training suitable for?

Health professionals, such as: Health Visitors, Midwives, GP’s and Pharmacists.

Leaning Content

The training comprises of information slides and interactive activities.

Resources to support your practice and share with families.

This course has been certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN).

Estimated study time 1.5 – 2 hours.


Short multiple choice assessment.

Knowledge Development Plan (KDP) to reflect on your learning.


Certificate issued on successful completion of the course and the Knowledge Development Plan (KDP).


£30 inc Vat.


I found the course very useful as I am about to embark on a pilot promoting healthy lifestyles in pregnancy and will be using a lot of the information and tip guides to support this“.

Heloise Doherty, May 2023

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