Good Nutrition for your Toddler

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This guide has been created to help families provide their toddler with a nutritious diet to support their growth, development and learning! It covers information on what foods to offer young children, including nutritious snack and drink choices, how to create positive mealtimes and vitamin recommendations. You’ll also find lots of helpful resources, such as recipes, videos and tip sheets, to help you give your toddler the best start in life. Book now!


Good Nutrition for your Toddler

This course has been developed by Registered Nutritionists to provide you with helpful information and tips around food and nutrition for your toddler.

Complete this course to learn more about:

  • Meal and snack routines for toddlers
  • Toddler food and nutrient requirements
  • Portion sizes and appetite
  • Creating positive mealtimes
  • Snack and drink recommendations
  • Suitable cups for toddlers
  • Vitamin recommendations.