Food Policy

£ 30.00 incl VAT

Complete this training to learn more about what to include in your early years settings food policy. Explore topics including:the importance of having a detailed food policy, key information to cover and how to involve staff, families and children.



What you’ll learn in the Food Policy training

  • The importance of a Food Policy and its role in supporting your setting in achieving best practice
  • How to reflect the Eat Better Start Better and other guidelines in your policy 
  • The key topics to reflect in your Food Policy, such as: your food provision, eating environments, managing special dietary requirements, learning about food and celebrating birthdays and special occasions
  • Ways to overcome any potential barriers when developing and rolling out your policy
  • How to put an action plan in place to promote your policy and obtain feedback.

Who is this training suitable for?

Early Years Practitioners, such as those working in nurseries, Children Centres and childminders. For example:

  • Nursery managers and staff who are involved in developing policies
  • Children’s Centre managers and staff who are involved in developing policies.

Leaning Content

The training comprises of information slides and interactive activities.

Resources to support you in developing and reviewing your food policy.

Estimated study time 1.5 – 2 hours.


Short multiple choice assessment.

Knowledge Development Plan (KDP) to reflect on your learning.


Certificate issued on successful completion of the course and the Knowledge Development Plan (KDP).


£30 inc Vat.


This training helped me to understand how to tie all food related knowledge together to present our aim as a Children’s Centre‘. Samira Makardam, Plaistow Children’s Centre.

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