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Wonderful Baby, Wonderful You - 0 - 9 Months

Wonderful baby, wonderful you is a four week programme that’s helps you to shape your babies brain, giving your baby the best start on their learning journey.

Our bodies work better when we eat good food. Our brains work better when we have access to people who do five simple things that feed the brain and help it to function:


Learn the building blocks of 'Five to Thrive' programme for healthy brain growth.

For babies aged 0-9 months

  • Be more in tune with your babies cues and how letting your baby take the lead brings, fun, enjoyment and learning for the both of you
  • Help your baby to self regulate by co-regulating with your baby
  • Ways to relax with your baby (and without!)
  • A selection of playful games to activate the right hand side of the brain and only requires a parent/carer
  • Songs, rhymes and signs that will activate the left hand side of the brain helping the baby to make sense of the world around them

Group classes

Crèche facilities available but need to be booked in advance.

Click here to view the upcoming dates and locations!

Wonderful Baby Wonderful You Blocks


Everything you do when you are with your baby sparks connections in their brain, turning connections into pathways that the child can use again and again.