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Parenting Testimonials

My relationship with my daughter has gone from strength to strength. With Triple P tools I am so confident we will be able to stay close right through her teenage years now. We have such an easy balance these days with just the right amount of carrot and stick. You gifted me so many new versions of those it's been perfect. On top of that, my daughter and I are playing golf and going on bike rides together. Even if she wants to move onto new activities, I am sure I can adapt to keep up. The key you taught me is to make this so much more than just a father/child relationship and we enjoy golden times so often now. Thank you so much Triple P!

Teen Group - Parent - Summer 2018

It was a great experience during these seminars and eye opening in many ways, also it will be very helpful in upbringing in my child. All parents should do at early age of their child so children can benefit.”

Seminar - Parent - Spring 2018

The Triple P seminar has been most informative it has highlighted areas of development that I was aware of but had not put significant thought into, but has also reassured me in aspects of communication and various developmental support systems and things that I as a parent am doing correctly and things that I should work on as identified like healthy habits and life choices. This information should be on every parent radar and will help ensure positive, confident and happy children. Delivery was informative and professional many thanks. 

Seminar - Parent - Spring 2018

An excellent follow on to the first triple P for Kids and I feel much better prepared for the issues ahead and how to build successful relationship with my children for the long term.

Teen Group - Parent - Winter 2017/2018

I really love the opportunities parents in UK have to develop there is so many progammes and groups I can attend without being judged and feeling bad. I really appreciate the support network and I'm trying to take the full advantage of it. I find it really is important to spread the word and share knowledge and experience, especially with parents who don't have access to these types of courses. I'm really grateful for having the opportunity to participate in the course.

Group - Parent - Winter 2017/2018

This group has helped me a lot with good strategies for my daughter. It has made me realise I also need my own time to relax and re-wind

Group - Parent - Autumn 2017

Its very useful and helped me to deal more effectively with my child’s behaviour. I am grateful for this course

Group - Parent - Autumn 2017

Triple P was very relaxed and friendly. Hearing from others and their experiences really helped. The strategies in the book provided are very helpful. I would recommend this course to others.

Stepping Stones - Parent - July 2017

I've been on the Triple P Stepping Stone programme recently and I would like to say that I have really enjoyed the programme. All elements of the programme have been really useful, but as a parent I was really humbled by being able to listen and talk with other parents about their experiences.

Stepping Stones - Parent - June 2017 

I would recommend this course to any parent who is raising or will be raising teenagers. It is an excellent and well presented course. The tips and information given to attendees is well researched and thought out.

Teen Group - Parent - June 2017 

Thank you for creating an environment for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistakes along the way. I am grateful to have you as a guide leading by example.

Parent - May 2017

At the beginning my relationship with my wife was not at its best, my kids were misbehaving a lot with their mum and with each other. Now there's a better relationship with my wife and we communicate better. There is better communication with my kids as well.

Parent - Plaistow Group - April 2017

I joined the Triple P group because I was very worried about my daughters behaviour. After attending group I learned new rules and instructions which helped me control the situation more calmly. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who feels things are out of control and need help.

Parent - Plaistow Group - April 2017

I found this to be an excellent session. Very informative and well presented by Ms Pierre, covering a wide range of aspects that concern parents with regards to potential sexual abuse to their children. I believe this course should be compulsory for every parent with a child attending nursery school/reception classes.

Stuart Wilson – Attended Parent Protect – 9th March 2017

The course was fun and it really helped me out from several aspects. I was afraid and use to think that issues just happened to me and that I couldn’t control my kids. The group session is a great idea as I can see the wide array of problems faced by every parent. There were a lot of new ideas which helped me to develop confidence in myself and in dealing with difficult situations.

Parent – Group – March 2017

Triple P gave me the confidence I needed to listen, discipline and respect my child. Triple P is not there to tell you that you are a bad parent, it is there to help show you different ways to cope with difficult situations.

Parent – Group – March 2017

There has been a great improvement with my son due to the techniques and strategies I have learnt from the Triple P sessions. I have also learnt a lot about myself as a parent and how I can improve myself in order to improve my child’s behaviour.

Parent – Stepping Stones – March 2017

Stepping Stones set a platform to allow me to express my feelings, thoughts and worries in a safe and respectful environment. It allowed me to seek advice from other parents who are I the same situation as me. Sharing our strategies with one another really helped.

Parent – Stepping Stones – February 2017

Triple P has been a great journey in my life. I have a daughter with Autism and have learnt through Triple P how to deal with difficult situations. Importantly I have learnt to change some of my behaviours towards my daughter. I am really very thankful to the group.

Parent – Stepping Stones – February 2017

I have really enjoyed Stepping Stones it has been amazing to learn new ways of dealing with challenging behaviour. I loved meeting new parents and hearing different ways to accept things. Amazing group leaders, they made you feel very comfortable. Thank you so much!

Parent – Stepping Stones – February 2017