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"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but he hardest thing in the world to do"

Matt Walsh

Our friendly and experienced team deliver interactive, evidenced-based programmes to equip parents with positive parenting skills.  Suitable for parents/carers with teens.

Teen Triple P Group

The Positive Parenting Programme for parents of teenagers aims to make parenting easier. The group offers suggestions and ideas on positive parenting to help you promote your teenagers development.

The challenge for parents to provide a home environment that guides and supports teenagers as they strive to become independent, well-adjusted young adults. This will often mean finding ways to deal with conflicts that may occur when the views and wishes of parents and teenagers differ. Ultimately, you as a parent need to  develop our own approach  to dealing with your teenagers behaviour.  Teen Triple P has been helpful for many parents and may give you some useful ideas to help you meet the challenges of raising teenagers.

During your group sessions you will watch segments of Every Parents Guide to Teenagers, with step by step explanations and demonstrations of a variety of parenting strategies.  Groups are active and trying things at home means you get more out of the programme.

Five x 2 hour sessions and two x 20 minute telephone call

  • Session 1: Introduction and pre evaluation
  • Session 2: Positive parenting
  • Session 3: Encouraging appropriate behaviour
  • Session 4: Dealing with risky behaviour
  • Session 5: Planning ahead
  • Session 6 & 7 telephone consultation : Implementing parenting routines 1-2
  • Session 8: Programme close and completion of post evaluation

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