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Teen Group

Six 2 hour sessions

Two 20 minute telephone call.

Teen Triple P supports parents of children aged 12 years-16 years.

The programme looks at what positive parenting means, why children behave as they do, setting goals for parents and their children, keeping track and creating behaviour diaries, supporting appropriate behaviour, managing problem behaviour, dealing with risky behaviour, putting into place parenting routines .Putting forward positive, caring relationships and supporting parents to make helpful methods to stop behavioural, emotional and developmental problems.

Parenting becomes easier when parents understand that a child needs a home environment that guides and supports their teenager to become independent and well adjusted. Parents need to understand that the move into adolescents brings increasing demands for independence and responsibility in conjunction with sexual maturation and the challenges this brings including self consciousness and puberty. Teens are expected to make more decisions for them and start to develop their own beliefs. Some risk taking is normal at this age and often short lived. This can be worrying for parents who need to monitor behaviour and take action when necessary. Finding ways to deal with conflict may also occur. Triple p works with the parents to improve parents understanding, skills and confidence to use methods to stop problem behaviour happening. The telephone consultation assists parents to refine the use of their parenting skills and to develop independent problem solving skills

The Programme includes a DVD and parents are given a workbook that has all the information from the programme. The book can be looked at when the programme has ended and shared with other family member’s .During the programme Parents learn through watching, talking, and practicing methods. Between sessions parents are asked to practice methods they have learnt and share their experiences.

Teen Group overview

  • Session 1 Completion of a pre evaluation form looking at parents strengths, difficulties, parenting style and parenting well being
  • Session 2: Positive Parenting
  • Session 3: Encouraging Appropriate Behaviour
  • Session 4: Managing Problem behaviour
  • Session 5: Dealing with Risky Behaviour
  • Session 6 & 7 telephone consultation : Implementing Parenting Routines 1&2
  • Session 8: Programme Close completion of post evaluation

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