Stepping Stones

This group aims to make parenting children with disabilities easier. Stepping Stones refers to children who have developmental delay and also children who have sensory or physical disabilities.  The programme offers suggestions and ideas on positive parenting to help you promote your child’s development.

There is no one right way to be a parent or carer. It is up to each of us to decide what values and skills we would like our children to have and how to teach them . Ultimately, you as a parent need to  develop your own approach  to dealing with misbehaviour.  Stepping Stones  has been helpful for many parents and can give you useful ideas to help you meet the challenges of raising a child with a disability.

During your group sessions you will watch segments of A Survival Guide for families with a child who has a disability, with step by step explanations and demonstrations of a variety of parenting strategies.  Groups are active and trying things at home means you get more out of the programme.

Six x 2 hour sessions and two x 20 minute telephone call

  • Session 1: Introduction and pre evaluation
  • Session 2: Positive parenting
  • Session 3: Teaching new skills and behaviours
  • Session 4: Promoting children’s development
  • Session 5: Managing misbehaviour and parenting routines
  • Session 6: Planning Ahead
  • Session 7 & 8 telephone consultation : Implementing parenting routines 1-2
  • Session 9: Programme close and completion of post evaluation

Upcoming Sessions

We are still offering non classroom based groups with limited availability. The next available group is:

Tuesdays 3rd November - 6th January 12:45pm - 2:45pm - via Zoom

Thursdays 5th November - 17th December - 12.30pm - 2.30pm  via Zoom

Mondays 11th January - 22nd February - 10am - 12pm - via Zoom

Thursdays 14th January - 25th February - 10am - 12pm - via Zoom

Tuesdays 19th January - 30th March - 10am - 12pm - via Zoom (Bengali Group)

Wednesdays 3rd February - 28th April - 12:30pm - 2:30pm - via Zoom

Please complete a referral and a member of our team will be in touch and inform you of alternative support.

Please still complete our referral form by clicking here as we may be able to assist with your needs via a different means or we can add you to our waiting list for when sessions resume.

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