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Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Six x 2 hour group sessions

Two 30 minute telephone call

Stepping Stones Group Triple P Supports parents or care givers of children aged 18months – 12 years, with a range of additional needs (e.g. intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, and elevated levels of disruptive behaviour.

The programme looks at what positive parenting means, why children behave as they do, goal setting for parents for themselves and their children, keeping track and creating behaviour diaries, how to help children develop, teaching new skills and behaviour ,and managing mild to moderate level challenging behaviours, managing misbehaviour, planning ahead and using positive parenting.

The Programme includes a DVD and parents are given a workbook that has all the information from the programme. The book can be looked at when the programme has ended and shared with other family member’s.During the programme Parents learn through watching, talking, and practicing methods. Between sessions parents are asked to practice methods they have learnt and share their experiences.


“Stepping Stones set a platform to allow me to express my feelings, thoughts and worries in a safe and respectful environment. It also allowed me to seek advice from other parents who are in the same situation as me. Sharing our strategies with one another really helped and I used what I felt would work for my daughter.”

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The telephone call supports the parent to talk about what triple p methods they have been using. The Parenting practitioner and the parent look at the plan the parents have set up. Parents are helped to think about how they feel things have been and find their own answers by using their workbooks and understanding from their sessions.

  • Session 1: Completion of pre evaluation form
  • Session 2: Positive Parenting
  • Session 3: Teaching new skills and behaviours
  • Session 4: Promoting children’s development
  • Session 5: Managing misbehaviour and parenting routines
  • Session 6: Planning Ahead
  • Session 7: Implementing parenting routines 1
  • Session 8: Implementing parenting routines 2
  • Session 9: Program Close completion of post evaluation form

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Courses cost £150 (Free for Newham residents)

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In House/Corporate Package

Please contact the team if you are interested in having in house training for parents. We deliver Triple P Stepping Stones packages across Newham, London and Essex and we will consider weekend courses to meet the needs of your service users.

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