Bedtime Routines

Children need a good night's sleep so they have enough energy for the next day's activities. Parents also need adequate sleep and some child- free time to ensure their own needs are being met.

The aim is for children to develop healthy, independent sleep patterns.  This discussion group will give some positive parenting strategies to help you develop a good bed time routine and teach your child to fall asleep in their own bed and stay in bed until morning.

Parents are actively involved in sharing their experiences and ideas managing difficult behaviour at bed time, explores the different issues parents face at bedtime and some of the reasons why problems occur.

By the end of the session you will have designed a personal plan for developing good bedtime routines with your family.

Next Sessions

We are still offering non classroom based groups with limited availability. The next available dates are:

Tuesday 18th May - 10am - 12pm - via Zoom

Wednesday 9th June - 10am - 12pm - via Zoom (Bengali Group)

Monday 2nd August - 1pm - 3pm - via Zoom

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