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To give you just a brief background about me and why I am writing this blog: I have worked in childcare my whole career,  I started off as a Nursery Nurse in a school for 5 years, then  I moved into Children’s Centres for 13 years where I have taken on various roles, to my now current role, titled (this week*) Senior Learning and Development Practitioner for Early Start.  I am a mother of two children aged six and three and undoubtedly my career has supported me greatly  in being a parent.  I am by no means a perfect parent  but I do feel that without my chosen career I would have struggled through key milestones in my children’s lives, not fully aware of the importance of  my role as a parent, particularly those  first few years where the most amount of brain growth occurs and shapes our child’s future. I also may not have valued the importance of my involvement in my child’s play,  which is not about providing lots of toys and elaborate days out , but me interacting with my children and valuing their interests.

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So that brings me to my first blog! I’m hoping to draw upon my knowledge as a practitioner and my experience of  being a parent to share ideas with you all, which I hope in turn will provide support to other  parents/carers out there.  If you are expecting a blog on how to make rainbow spaghetti, with accounts of perfectly behaved children, you might be disappointed, ( I would suggest you go to Pinterest instead for that.) What you can expect is simple, tried and tested, cost effective activity ideas that can be carried out almost anywhere, enhancing your knowledge and understanding along the way of what children will be gaining from the experience. Sometimes when we watch our children play all we see is mess and chaos; hopefully I will be able to highlight what it is our children are gaining from the disruption, what they are learning and change some misperceptions regarding play.  I will be writing an honest account of what  worked and what  didn’t and what other parents have shared with me too (no personal details will be disclosed).  I’ve found  throughout my career and as a parent  that talking with others parents and sharing experiences is one of the best ways of learning and finding out new ideas,  it also helps  us to feel  assured that we are not alone in our struggles and we all experience difficulties raising children from time to time.

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The other aspect of the blogs will be my accounts of the positive impact infant massage and Signalong © has had in my career, with the families I have worked with and with my children,  I am very passionate about both subjects and I hope that comes across in the blogs.   In February this year I trained as a Triple P Stepping Stones Practitioner; Triple P Stepping Stones is a course for Parents who have children with additional needs, in the short time I have been delivering the programme I have already witnessed  what a big impact the programme has had on families lives and I am planning in the up and coming months to share some of these success stories with you all, in the meantime please feel to click here for more information on Stepping Stones.

*Job titles frequently change for some reason, I’m not sure why, my favourite has to be  ‘Service Delivery Coordinator’, prizes if you can guess what that entailed

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