Top Tips for Relaxing with your Baby

As parents and carers we have all experienced a baby who has become over-tired and needs particular help to calm down. In theses testing and stressful times, bear in mind some of these top tips.

  • Think about the space you are in. Keep loud noises to a minimum, the room warm, and soften the lighting. Try introducing gentle soothing music like baby lullabies.
  • Cuddle your baby as much as you like. A cuddle helps release oxytocin a special chemical which is produced through skin to skin contact. Oxytocin is known a the ‘love drug’ a feel good hormone which is amazing for your babies growing brain.

Baby comforted by parent

  • Try ending exciting and active play with some one to one time, where you and your baby can enjoy a bit of calm.
  • Make sure you are relaxed! If you have ever been to one of my classes, you would have heard me talking about the importance of looking after yourself as a parent and taking time to relax.  Babies and young children pick up on the emotions of others, so if they sense you are stressed they may become stressed themselves – Remember you have to look after yourself if you want to look after a baby.

Dad laying down with newborn

  • Sing or hum if you are getting stressed, this will help you to relax and is very soothing for the baby.
  • Try a little massage.  It’s good to learn a couple of simple strokes so you can massage your baby when they need it.  – Use gentle circular rubbing in a clockwise direction, on your baby’s stomach, can help a baby with wind or constipation.

Mum gazibg at newborn

I hope you find these top tips helpful. Early Start Parenting offers a range of courses that inform and empower parents and carers; you can view them here!

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