Toilet Training and You

I have 4 children and toilet training my youngest was by far the hardest to do.  I told him that we couldn’t go  to Nandos until he started using the potty, my older children were more upset about this and everyone started to chip in and help, he was dry within a week! J

Really good idea to get the whole family joining in and helping out.

I brought my daughter a musical potty to help motivate her, she liked the tune so much she would stop and start her ‘flow’ to listen to the tune more often! It drove me and her Dad insane, safe to say we did not replace the batteries when it run out.

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Great bladder control!

Instead of a behavior chart I cut up a picture of a doll my daughter really wanted, each time she used the potty she would get a piece of the picture, once the picture was completed she was awarded the doll, it worked a treat!

Great idea, love it!

Patience, baby wipes and disinfectant x

Yes definitely lots of patience required.

I have one daughter and one son. I had no input in their toilet training. They did it themselves. My daughter, playing in the garden at 18/19 months … located her potty in the downstairs bathroom … and walked into the kitchen and presented me with a ‘wee’. I was never so shocked … and she never wore a nappy from that moment on. We were going to Norfolk the following week … and took her potty into the car, which she used. My son, in nappies until 3, during the day .. and 4 at night. Again, I just left him until such time as he naturally no longer wet or soiled himself. I really never had the stress of potty training … but never had the expense either … as I used toweling nappies. I feel there must be more of an urgency to potty train toddlers as disposable nappies are so expensive (and terrible for the environment).

I particularly like how you have highlighted the impact nappies have on the environment.

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I took my son out shopping for pants for when we started training, he chose Spiderman his favorite super hero and he couldn’t wait to start wearing his big boy pants.  He mastered number ones quite easily but struggled with number twos.  Not being able to bring myself to wash them I threw them away in the bin, he soon found out what was happening to his pants and from that day forward he stopped soiling himself.

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Great advice to go shopping together for underwear, sometimes children learn how to acquire skills by default!  Please note: I know this was not the case here, but  please do not threaten to throw or take away objects, remember they are learning a new skill which takes time. Just Concentrate on the positives and the rest will follow.

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I used to put an open nappy in the car seat, I did this with all three of my boys, that way if they needed to go to the toilet while driving there was less panic if we couldn’t pull over and the car seat stayed clean and dry.  It also helped not reverting to nappies when going out.

That’s a good idea, wish I had thought of it when training.

By Sue Brown

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