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Congratulations making it through the summer holidays and doing a great job creating wonderful memories with your children!

Right about now I would imagine your social media news feeds will be cluttered with children going back to school with pristine, oversized uniforms and parents everywhere wondering where the time went? Myself included.

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This year my daughter will be going into year two and my son will be starting full time nursery. I thought I would be feeling more sad about how quickly my youngest is growing up and moving on, but instead I feel happy and excited for him and yes everything does change but as I discovered with my daughter it can change for the better.

I remember before my daughter started school full time I would find myself welling up at thought of her moving on, looking through old pictures, seeing how much she had a changed and wondering if I had made the most of her early years. She has always been a shy child, avoiding large groups of children, preferring to play by herself or parallel with one other child and I worried about her making friends at school, being isolated and invisible in class of 30 children. Having a childminder doing the school pick up and drop off I too felt I would miss out on meeting other parents and out of touch with events happening at the school.

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As with all my other worries about her starting school, turns out I was worrying over nothing! My daughter would come home from school talking about friends in her class, getting excited at yet another party invitation and beaming over her new teacher. She progressed so much in the first year it was a joy to see how far she had come along with her reading, fuelling her love for books, rapping maths songs to help her remember number equations and getting certificates for all of her academic achievements. As for me I joined the school’s Parents Association as a way of being part of the school community and have met some amazing people and friends.

So my message to everyone with children starting school full time, is to allow yourself a little cry and enjoy the changes that are about to take place. I can assure you, you will be just as excited when your child loses their first tooth as you were when their first baby tooth arrived, and just as thrilled when they are writing sentences telling you how much they love you, as you were when they were first able to tell you.

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By Sue Brown

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