Ramadan Activities for Children

We are now in the month of Ramadan where Muslims across the globe will be going without food and water as a way of reminding ourselves to be grateful for our blessings, this is also a time for more prayers, introspection, charity and service.

To get in the spirit of Ramadan and Eid- ul- Fitr the parenting team have complied a list of fun arts and crafts to do with your children, that are great to keep or can be gifted to family and friends.

  1. Ramadan decorations

Draw a template of a moon crescent and star on some thick card; use these templates to draw around using different coloured paper, cut them out and attached to string using  cellotape, then hang around your home.

  1. Eid cards

The crescent of the moon and mosques feature prominently in Ramadan and Eid, an ideal design for your Eid card! All you need is dark colored card, scissors to cut out your design, stick to card and add glitter or stickers to maximize the affect!

  1. Eid necklace

You will need very basic jewellery supplies, including string and beads to create your necklace, if you don’t have any to hand, try using pasta and a string, which you can paint after!

  1. Ramadan marshmallow crispy treats


  • 100 g (4 oz) English butter
  • 100g (4 oz) Marshmallow
  • 100g (4 oz) Toffee
  • 100g (4 oz) Rice crispies


  • Gently melt the butter, toffee and marshmallows together in a saucepan – not a small one! Boil for 1-2 minutes.
  • Remove from the heat and fold in the rice crispies
  • Spread on to a buttered tin or flat surface lined with baking parchment or cling film and leave to set
  • Cut into shapes using moon and start cutters
  1. Eid gift hunt

  • First decide where the hunt will take place and set boundaries
  • Hide the Eid gifts according to the age group of the children. For older children you can use clues for them to investigate where the gifts have been hidden.
  • Enjoy watching the children opening their finds!
  1. Blessings in a jar

Asks your children to draw or write three things they are grateful for each day and to put them in a jar.  After Ramadan share with the family.

  1. Keep a journal

Ramadan is a time for setting good habits and doing as many good deeds as possible. Help kids keep a track of their good deeds by keeping a journal.

  1. Ramadan advent calendar

To motivate children during Ramadan make a advent calendar with a hidden surprise behind each door, click here to view.

  1. Selfie frame

As we continue social distancing create some lovely memories with this selfie frame, click here to view.

  1. Ramadan snap/ emoji game

Ramadan is a good time to memorize parts of the Holy Quran. Help children learn the 99 names of Allah and their meaning by writing them out and playing a game of snap.  Challenge your older children to name the prophets these emoji’s represent.

Click here for the Emoji game answers

Please show us your creations and let us know if you have other craft ideas to do with children.

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