Nature trail activities

Going for a walk in the woods is fun activity to do with the children with lots of learning opportunities. While most children are happy to run up and down paths and look under logs and stones, it’s a good idea to have a few distractions. Here are some activity ideas to ensure they remain well and truly entertained.

  1. Nature hunt

Download and print our free nature hunt  activity sheet, take a clip board and pen and have fun ticking off all items you find off the list.

Nature Hunt

  1. Follow your child’s lead

Encourage your child to lead you through the trail, see how many obstacles they can take through,  like going over rocks, under logs and around trees.

  1. Dandelion clocks

Hunt for dandelion clocks and when you find them blow the seeds off the top.


  1. Nature Hide and Seek

Define the boundaries  to hide a chosen object in, then take it in turns to hide the object while the ‘seekers’ go and look for it.  Always ensure children remain insight at all times.

  1. Treasure basket

Take a bag or basket with you on your trip and collect interesting objects along the way, these may include pebbles, leaves, cones, conkers, twigs and sticks;  please only pick objects that have fallen on the ground.  When you get home you can turn the treasures collected into fantastic pieces of art.  Here are some great ideas:

Nature Activities

  1. Bark rubbings

Take some paper and a crayon with you on your walk, encourage your child to place a piece of paper against a tree trunk and using the length of the crayon rub over the top and see what patterns come through.  Continue the fun when you get home by doing the same with some fallen leaves.

  1. Climb trees

Ensure they are safe to climb and children are supervised at all times.

Climbing Tree

  1. Bug hunting

You will need a clear cup, magnifying glass and a brush.  Look for bugs under logs, stones and on trees, once you have found some interesting creepy crawlies,  use the brush to scoop them into the cup.  Investigate your findings by looking through the magnifying glass, point out and name any interesting features you know.

Bug hunt

9. Den Building

The easiest way I find to build a den is to collect branches, leaves and twigs found on the ground and lean sticks against a tree in the style of a wig wam.  Challenge your children to build a den big enough for two!

Den building

What activities do you like to do with your children when you’re out in the woods? We would love to know!

By Sue Brown

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