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With half term coming to an end, the thought of going back to home learning during lockdown will be playing on many parents mind.  There is no shortage of advice out there at the moment, however it is good to have a reminder about some of the things we can be doing to make home learning less of a challenge to us all.

Block out time for activities they can do themselves

If you’re a working or a single parent there will be time s when you just can’t rearrange your diary to suit your child’s needs.

Having a list of things your children can do by themselves for times when you are busy will help.  It can be as simple as reading a book, to playing a board game. Whatever it is, talk it through with your child so they know what they will be learning by themselves and ensure they have everything that they need to hand.

We’ve found BBC bite size to be incredibly useful – here is a list of other online learning suggestions!

Mother working from home

Schedule breaks

Nobody is expecting you to cover the entire curriculum each day.  Create a visual schedule so your child can see there are breaks planned throughout the day and give them options of what they can do during this time. They can play a game, watch a film, do some colouring or ask your child what they would like to do.

Family Playing a game

Connect with family and friends for support

Its important socialise together with family and friends for a much needed break, you may even be able to find support with home schooling too. Someone you are friends with or related to might be really good at maths and could help your child if they get stuck.  This in turn would be a good opportunity for you to do what you need to do, while your child is getting the help they need.

Family on Video Call

Exercise together

Schedule in some time to exercise with your children, it will help release tensions, help you all to stay alert, concentrate for longer periods of time and keep mobile (as well as keeping the calories off!) There’re lots of free online lessons available on You Tube channels.

Mother and son exercising

 Look after yourself

We’re all finding things tough at the moment, but things could get tougher if we are not making time to look after ourselves.  If your own needs are being met, it is much easier to be patient, consistent and available for your child.

Don't Forget to take care of yourself note

For some tips on looking after yourself during lockdown, visit our blog here!

For ideas on activities your child can be doing, take a look at our list here!

Please share some of your tips for home learning during lockdown in the comments below.

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