Fun Easter Inspired Activities

Fun Easter Inspired Activities

Decorate hard-boiled eggs

Boil some eggs, once cool, place in an egg cup or egg carton and use felt tips or paint to decorate.  Draw different features to make individual characters and use cotton wool or shredded paper for different hair types.  (These can later be used as part of an Easter egg hunt!)

Make an Easter basket

Click here for a template of an Easter basket to cut out and let your child’s imagination run wild! Provide paint, pens, pencils, stickers, glue or glitter to decorate.

Have an Easter egg hunt

  • First decide where the hunt will take place and set boundaries (This can be done inside the home or garden)
  • Hide the eggs according to the age group of the children. For older children you can use clues for them to investigate where the eggs have been hidden.
  • Children can use their decorated baskets to collect their haul
  • Eat and enjoy your find!

Create Easter bonnet

You can buy cheap Easter bonnets from pound or craft shops, some come with a selection of Easter toppers to decorate,  you can add green shredded green paper, pipe cleaners, and cut out flowers to decorate further, enabling children to decorate their hat to the max!

Visit a farm

Easter is not complete without visiting a farm to meet the new fluffy arrivals.  In addition farms have many family-friendly attractions, from bottle feeding lambs, horse rides to animal petting sessions.


Chocolate nests


  • 200g milk chocolate

  • 85g shredded wheat (cornflakes and rice crispy are also suitable)
  • 2 x 100g chocolate mini eggs
  • You will also need cupcake cases.


  1. Crush the shredded wheat in a plastic bag with a rolling pin and place in bowl.
  2. Melt the chocolate in a small bowl placed over a pan of simmering water. Pour the chocolate over the shredded wheat and stir well to combine.
  3. Spoon the chocolate wheat into 12 cupcake cases and press the back of a teaspoon in the centre to create a nest shape.
  4. Place 3 mini chocolate eggs on top of each nest. Chill the nests in the fridge for a couple of hours until set.

Are there any other activities you would like to add?

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