Free Autumn Activities this October Half Term

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner, which makes the October half term an expensive time of year for most families and it can be difficult to think of things to do for free or little expense.  So to help out, the Parenting team have compiled list of activities that won’t break the bank, which the whole family can enjoy this autumn.

  1. Go on a nature trail

Wrap up warm, put on your wellies and head out to your Local Park or nature reserve.

Take a bag or basket with you and collect interesting objects along the way, these may include pebbles, leaves, cones, conkers, twigs and sticks.  Please only pick objects that have fallen on the ground!

  1. Nature collage

Use the items collected on your nature trail to create a collage masterpiece!

  1. Pebble painting

Provide paint, thin paint brushes and let your child’s imagination run wild while painting pebbles collected. In addition you may find community groups local to you who organise rock finding groups, where you hide your painted pebbles for others to find, once they have found the decorated pebble, they then have to hide it again for someone else to find!

  1. Pebble faces

Alternatively instead of painting pebbles, you can use dough to create these funny faces 🙂

  1. Pine cone decorating

Decorate pine cones collected on your nature trail with small pieces of plasticine, rolled into balls and then stuck them onto the cone, creating an autumnal feature that will brighten up any home.  You could also try gluing small pom poms onto the cone and keep them for Christmas decorations in a few months’ time!

  1. Leaf painting

Paint the fallen leaves with different colour paint, allowing your child to explore and create pictures with leave prints.

To make leaf prints with your little one:

  • Collect leaves; wash and allow to dry.
  • Paint leaf on one side
  • Press onto paper
  • Remove leaf and voilà!

  1. Jumping in muddy puddles

Embrace your inner Peppa Pig, put on some wellies and go find some muddy puddles to jump in!

  1. Family bike ride

The Olympic Park is the perfect place to take the family for a bike ride. You can ride around the car-free tarmac safely, taking in the iconic sites of the Aquatics Centre, Olympic Stadium, VeloPark and The Orbit.

For inspiration on what else you can do on a nature trail visit our blog here!

For indoor activity inspiration look at our blogs on playdough and Lego

Do let us know if you have any more activities we can add!

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