Child Safety Week – 1st -7th June 2020

This week is Child Safety Week, founded by The Child Prevention Trust (CAPT) a charity working to reduce the number of children being killed or seriously injured in accidents.

In Triple P, the first key aspect to positive parenting  is ensuring a safe and interesting environment; by safety proofing your home to enable your child to explore and keep busy throughout the day, means we can be more relaxed about parenting as we’re not having to say ‘no’, ‘stop’, ‘don’t touch’ all of the time.

Accidents in the home is the leading cause of injury in young children, so let’s see what we can do to prevent this.


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your kettle have a ‘curly’ or short flex?
  2. Are household chemicals and any medications stored in a secure place?
  3. Are floor surfaces non-slip and securely fixed?
  4. Are children kept out of the kitchen during cooking?
  5. Are children kept way from the iron while it is still hot or in use? A stair gate at the kitchen door can be helpful in situations like this.
  6. Are sharp knives kept out of reach and stored safely?
  7. Are pan handles turned in and well clear of hotplates/burners?
  8. Is the kitchen laid out with well places worktops beside the cooker and the sink so that hot water, or similar, does not have to be unnecessarily moved around the room?


 Here are our top tips for making bathroom and bath time a fun and safe part of the day:

  • Always keep bathroom or toilet doors shut when you leave.
  • Never leave babies or children alone in the bathroom, regardless of whether you have water in the bath or not.
  • Empty the bath of all water as soon as bath time is over.


Here are RoSPA’s top ten safety tips for choosing toys for your child:

  • Buy toys only from recognised outlets;
  • Make sure the toy is suitable for the child, check the age range;
  • Be particularly careful with toys for children under three;
  • Be wary of young children playing with older children’s toys;
  • Check for loose hair and small parts, sharp edges and points;
  • Ensure that garden swings and slides are robust and are not a strangulation hazard;
  • Check toys regularly for wear and repair or dispose of them where necessary;
  • Keep the play area tidy;
  • Follow the instructions and warnings provided with toys;
  • Supervise young children at play.

For more advice from RoSPA click here to visit their site

For more safety advice visit the CAPT website and download their parent pack here

To attend a Triple P programme and get support with your parenting click on link here

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