Beach Activities

Planning on going to the beach this summer?  Forget your bucket, spade and sandcastles, play these fun activities with your little ones instead!

1.Go beach bowling

Takes some balls to the beach, dig some holes in random spots and then try throwing or rolling the balls into the holes.

Beach bowling

2.Sand drawings

Bring out their inner Picasso using sticks, shovels or hands draw pictures, letters or numbers in wet sand.  Or use treasures collected at the beach to create a master piece.

3.Sea water relay race

Place two large buckets a few meters back from the sea edge,  give your children small cups and the aim is to fill the cup with sea water, race back and pour the contents in the bucket.  The child or team to fill their bucket to the top first wins.

Beach relay

4.Sand angels

Get your child to lay down on soft dry sand and move their arms up and down and their legs in and out,   then they can stand up to view their sand angel.  You may want to decorate the angel with treasures found on the beach.

5.Find the smallest shell

Challenge your child to find the smallest shell, remember broken ones do not count!

small shell

6.Dig for treasure

Bury random objects that you don’t mind getting sandy, then challenge your little one to dig for treasure and find the missing objects


Cover your child’s legs with sand and shape the ends into fins to form the Mermaids tail, then decorate together with shells.


8.Stick trail

Find a stick and in wet sand draw a line that your child needs to follow, make the trail as curvy as possible.   After your child has grasped the idea let them have a go and lead you on a trail.

9.Sand turtle

Make a large pile of sand and get the children to pat and smooth it down.  Then mould four fins two either side and make one small pile of sand at the at the front to form the head and a smaller one at the back for a tail.  Uses stones for the eyes and decorate the shell with shells

Sand turtle

10.Do you want to build a Sand Man?

Fan of Frozen?  Transfer those winter snowman making skills to the beach.  Use stones, shells, feathers, seaweed for facial features and buttons.

I feel it’s good to teach children the importance of looking after the environment, so every time you visit the beach look for three pieces of plastic that you can take away with you when you leave; explain to your children that you are keeping the beach clean for other families to enjoy and it helps prevent the plastic from ending up in the sea and harming the marine life .

Finally always ensure you and your children have sunscreen and wear a hat when playing outside in hot weather; keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water!

By Sue Brown

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