Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga

Why baby yoga and how does it benefit both parent and baby?

Baby yoga is based on simplified Hafa yoga coupled with rhythmical more energetic movements that can be liken to Ashtanga yoga.   Just like adults’ babies benefit from stimulating touch, movements and relaxation that each class provides.  So here are the parenting team’s top ten reasons to join a baby yoga class today!

  1. Relaxing for both parent and baby

During the class parents will learn how to relax with and without their baby, using various breathing techniques and movements.

  1. More in tune with your baby’s cues

Baby yoga offers the opportunity to observe how baby responds to different techniques and exercises, giving parents the tools to know what to offer  for stimulation when baby wishes to play and  for relaxation when baby needs calm and quite.

When parents are feeling relaxed they are more in tune with their baby’s cues!

  1. Relief

Parents will experience ways to soothe their baby through periods of distress, providing relief for common infantile issues such as colic, constipation, wind, sinuses and growing pains.

  1. Aids communication development

Singing songs and rhymes in yoga provides a great opportunity for talking and listening as well as promoting physical contact. Singing is a wonderful way to communicate words to a baby and being part of a group helps them to develop their social skills

  1. Support’s physical development

The gentle exercises supports baby’s physical development by strengthening and toning muscles; its important babies are active from birth.  Baby yoga is a great way to encourage babies to get moving, supporting major milestones such as rolling over, sitting up and crawling.

  1. Enhances bonding

Baby yoga classes enhances the bonding and attachment  between parent and baby by creating quality, uninterrupted, fun one to one time.

  1. Encourages tummy time

Baby yoga promotes activities to encourage more tummy time which strengthens the head and neck muscles and prepares them for when they are ready to crawl.  Tummy time is also good for brain organisation, because it engages both sides of the brain.

  1. Aids sleep

When babies take part in baby yoga it helps them to relax; babies often sleep for longer periods of time, it reduces stress and produces calming hormones called Oxytocin, this also benefits parents and those close by.

  1. Calms distressed babies

The ‘magic moves’ can calm fractious babies from crying to giggling in no time!

  1. Meet other parents

Classes bring parents together and are a chance to meet other parents, share experiences of parenting with babies of a similar age, in a safe non-judgemental environment.

For where to find our next baby yoga class and how to book, click here!

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