10 reason why joining an Early Talk and sign class is beneficial to you and your baby!

10 reason why joining an Early Talk and sign class is beneficial to you and your baby!

Over recent years there has been growing popularity for baby sign classes, but why is it so  important and how can it benefit our parenting?  Admittedly for me it seemed like one more thing parents needed to do to ensure we are raising competent and confident children, however I have to say when my son started signing back to me and I experienced first-hand the benefits of signing, I was hooked!

At the time my son was having difficulties with Glue Ear, which meant there were periods when his hearing would fade, which ultimately effected his communication skills and as a parent it was a constant guessing game trying to ascertain what he wanted.  I believe him learning to use sign helped him to feel less frustrated with everyday life and he was much happier being able to communicate what he wanted rather than getting frustrated or angry.

Now he is older I miss him signing to me, as when he stared to talk the signs performed quickly decreased. The important thing is we both enjoyed the experience and it made our lives easier, now I have a child who talks non-stop!

So here are my top ten reasons to sign with your child and the benefits:

  1. Boosts early communication skills

Babies naturally use gestures to communicate, reaching out when they want to be lifted or pointing at the things they want. Using formalised set of signs complement these natural gestures enabling babies to communicate their wants or needs long before they are physically able to talk.

It’s worth noting that signs do not replace the spoken word and you only need to sign ‘key words’. For example when asking “Do you want some milk?” You would only need to sign the word ‘milk’.

  1. Increases self-esteem

Being able to make yourself understood is a real confidence boost, not only for babies but for parents too! By knowing what your baby wants means we are able to meet their need much more effectively.

  1. Reduces frustration

This certainly rings true in my experience! It can also help during the ‘terrible twos’ and can give your child better ways of making themselves understood.

  1. Perform better in school

It has been widely research that children who have sign have a much more extensive vocabulary than those who don’t.

It is always best to use real objects when introducing new words and signs.  This helps children get to grips with words quicker.

  1. Bonding time with your baby

Early Talk and Sign classes provide quality time with your baby.  It also increases interaction levels between you both, providing endless amounts of fun!

  1. Motivates babies to communicate

Signing vocabulary development should be child-led, using relevant and appropriate signs based on your child’s needs and interests. This will motivate your child to communicate more often.

  1. It’s multicultural

Signing can be used with any language and can be the bridge between multilingual families.

  1. Increases parents confidence

Not only will parents be learning a new skill, it can make you feel like you are doing a better job knowing you are meeting your child’s need more effectively.

  1. Meeting other parents

Baby classes are a great way of meeting other parents with babies of the same age.  The games and activities during the session are a great ice-breaker too!

  1. Its lots of fun!

During Early Talk and Sign Classes, signs are taught through your child’s favourite nursery rhymes and activities, making learning fun!

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