Wellbeing and Nutrition Award Pancake Competition!

Pancake Competition


  • To promote health and wellbeing amongst children and families
  • Linked to Criteria 7 of the Health Award. Staff provide children with the opportunity to learn about different types of food in the context of a balanced diet. Refer to the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. 1.5, 1.9

What We Would Like to See

  • Creativity and imagination in promoting healthy eating messages practically to children through food based activity
  • Incorporate healthy eating messages such as 5 a day
  • Incorporate skills  such as pouring, mixing and chopping


  • Develop a short session plan – with step by step instructions to making a healthy pancake
  • Ensure the pancake meets the EatWell Guide recommendations and is a healthy snack
  • Use of fruit and vegetables
  • Children have fun


How to Enter

All entries to be submitted by a lead member of staff from each setting. The competition is open to Children Centre’s, Nurseries and Childminders. Entries must be emailed to earlystartnutrition@newham.gov.uk by 7th March 2017 and titled Wellbeing and Nutrition Pancake Competition.

First Prize – Free workshop delivered by the Wellbeing and Nutrition Team

Runner Up Prize – Early Start Cookbook and Early Start Snack Pack

For more information  about the Wellbeing and Nutrition award take a look at its own dedicated page.

Take a look at our Cooking Activity Tip Sheet

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