Sugar Smart Competition

Did you know children are having 3 times more sugar than they should be! It is important to limit the amount of sugar that young children eat.

  • Too much sugar can lead to a build up of harmful fat inside our bodies that we cant see
  • This fat sits around our vital organs, can cause weight gain and serious diseases in the future such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Having too much sugar has a significant impact on children’s teeth.

We would like Early Years settings to be creative and develop an advertising poster that promotes a health message which will encourage families to reduce the amount of free sugar eaten.

A “free” sugar is any sugar that is added to foods at home or by the producer, plus sugar naturally present in honey, syrups, and fruit juices. It does not include sugar naturally present in milk or whole fruit and vegetables.


  • To support parents to be Sugar Smart and improve the health and well being outcomes of children and families reducing rates of childhood obesity and dental caries
  • To support families to make healthy choices and to make healthy choices the first choice.

Sugar Awareness


  • Create your settings very own advertising poster that reflects a positive healthy eating message and shows how your menus are meeting the Eat Better Start Better Guidelines
  • Use the information you have gained from attending Early Start Nutrition training sessions to promote healthy food and drink provision in your setting. This will support the Jamie Oliver #Adenough campaign to reduce children’s exposure to foods and drinks high in salt, fat and sugar. We want to ensure it easier for children and families to make healthy choices
  • Your poster might promote a healthy breakfast or snack food that you offer and link it to a key healthy eating message
  • Ensure you poster is colourful, easy to read, with a key take away message
  • Get the children and staff involved in creating a logo/image/message.

Useful resources:


  • Recipe Books
  • Cooking Equipment

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