Seasonal Foods

As we reach the beginning of October, we felt it a good time to focus our weekly blog on seasonal foods. You might be wondering why it matters if you eat seasonally. There are a whole host of benefits to purchasing and eating seasonal foods, which we’ll explore in this weeks blog. 

Seasonal Foods

Firstly, eating seasonal foods is cheaper and will help you to cut the cost of your weekly spend on food. When we buy foods in season, we buy it at the peak of it’s supply, meaning it costs less to farm, harvest and get to the supermarket. It might seem like common sense, but it’s something we often ignore when we’re shopping. It is easy to fall into the rut of buying the same fruit and vegetables every week without looking at the fluctuating cost. Supermarkets contain the same fruit and vegetables year round, whether you visit in July or December, however the cost can differ drastically. So the first steps it to “seasonalise” your menus and shopping list.

Secondly, foods in season are typically of a higher quality and flavour. Foods that are grown closer to us, don’t usually require long periods of time in transit. This means that we’re more likely to get fruits and vegetables at their peak taste and when they provide maximum nutritional benefit. Vitamin levels can degrade over time, so fruit and vegetables transported overseas for example, may spend a number of days in shipping containers. These foods are likely to have less nutritional value than those requiring minimal transport.

Seasonal foods also contain the nutrients, minerals and trace elements that our bodies need at particular times of the year. Rather than eating the same 10 fruits and vegetables year round, eating seasonally will ensure more variety in our diets, resulting in us receiving a wider range of nutrients.

Which foods are in season in October?


Apples (Cox, Egremont, Russet, Gala, Sparlan )




Seasonal British ApplesSeasonal RaspberriesSeasonal BlackberriesSeasonal Strawberries


Beans (French and Runner)               Beetroot

Broccoli                                                     Cabbage

Carrots                                                       Cauliflower

Leeks                                                          Marrow

Courgettes                                               Parsnips

Pumpkin                                                   Peas

Squash                                                      Swede


Seasonal Vegetables

For more information visit Love British Food and download the Children’s Food Trust‘s seasonal food chart!

Season Foods Pumpkin

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