Weaning Recipe Banana Custard

In this months #EatInWithEarlyStart recipe we create a tasty weaning recipe that your little one will love- Banana Custard.

Weaning is an exciting time for you and your baby which is why we love to create weaning recipes here at Early Start Nutrition. Banana custard is a great recipe as the texture can be adapted to suit your little ones weaning journey. It can be offered smooth or lumpy. You can find out more about texture progression for your little one in our blog Weaning Textures here!

There are also lots of benefits to making your own food for your little one. Let’s take a look!

Benefits of offering your baby home foods

  • The taste and colour of the foods you prepare for your baby at home will be realistic so they will start to learn the sensory properties of different foods (E.g. smell, colour, taste)
  • The foods you make for your baby at home will be more nutritious than shop bought foods
  • Your baby can start to eat and enjoy the same foods as the rest of the family and you can enjoy mealtimes together
  • You can control the texture of food and ensure it’s suitable for your baby’s needs
  • Homemade foods are much cheaper than shop-brought baby foods

If you would like additional support in your weaning journey we have lots here at Early Start Nutrition:

Checkout the YouTube video here

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