Nursery World Show North 2019 – Recipes

Nursery World Show North 2019

Georgia and Jamie were delighted to be at Nursery World Show North 2019!

It was fantastic too speak with so many early years practitioners and managers on Saturday and thank you to the number of people who attended our live cooking demo and talks, we were pleased to see full ‘bums on seats’ for our second talk creating healthy and happy mealtimes in your early years settings.

It was clear on the day that fussy eating was a very popular topic. We hoped you found our strategies for supporting children who tend to be fussy with food and our overall talks useful, gaining a number of key learning outcomes for you to take back to your settings, which included:

11:30am – Encouraging children to cook and learn about food in your early years setting:

  • Awareness of the benefits of providing children with more opportunity to cook and learn about food
  • How to create fun, creative, child friendly recipes that will encourage children to get involved in cooking and learn about food by bringing their favorite food related stories to life
  • How cooking and learning about food activities can support children’s key learning areas in line with EYFS standards
  • Alternative ways settings can support children to learn about food other than cooking

2:15pm – Creating healthy and happy mealtimes in your early years setting:

  • Engaging and creative ways to create engaging happy mealtimes for children
  • Strategies to support fussy eaters at mealtimes
  • How to create a positive mealtime environment for children in your setting
  • Creating recipes that encourage children to cook and get more involved in mealtimes.

Don’t worry to much if you missed our talks, both our online e-learning Cooking and Learning About Food and Fussy Eating modules provide you with the key learning outcomes above and much more. You can book both of these by clicking through to our online training page via our website.


Download the recipe cards below to use in your early years setting:

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