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Cooking Activity – Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday


  1. Children have the opportunity to learn about different types of food in the context of a balanced diet.
  2. Support children to make healthy food choices

Resources/Ingredientstip sheet pic 2

  • Tables/chairs
  • Cooking materials – bowls/spoons/blunt knives
  • A recipe
  • Fruits and vegetables – some from our growing garden


As part of our weekly activities the children make their own healthy snack.  We have lots of different ingredients and cut them into different shapes to make the foods into different creatures and objects.  This week we are celebrating Pancake Tuesday.

  • We want to teach the children that fruit and vegetables grow differently and at different times Tip Sheet cooking activity pictureof the year
  • We want to see which fruit/vegetables are in season and how they can be used in a recipe (link to growing activities)
  • Introduce children to fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before
  • Staff will support children in each step of the activity, supporting them to understand instructions. We guide the children through how to make their own with the freedom to make their own interpretations of the recipe.
  • Getting children involved in the preparation, describing the colour/texture and names of fruit/vegetables

Describe the fruit – colour, shape, smell, texture – ask about their favourite fruits?

Trying the fruit, children may never have eaten

Washing the fruit – count the number of strawberries required for the recipe as the wash them, this will link to numeracy

Link to EYFS 1.5, 1.9

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