Cooking Activity – Pancake Tuesday

Cooking with Children on Pancake Tuesday

Why make pancakes with children?

  1. Provides children with the opportunity to learn about different types of food in the context of a balanced diet
  2. Support children to make healthy food choices
  3. Supports children to develop and practise basic cooking skills.

Resources/Ingredients Needed

  • Cooking materials – bowls/spoons/blunt knives/ whisks
  • Fruits and vegetables – some from your growing garden
  • A recipe card with basic step- by-step instructions.

Key messages to link with your pancake activity:

During your pancake cooking activity think about how you can factor in some of the following EYFS links:

  • Teach children how the fruits and vegetables you’re using in your recipe grow and at what times of the year- understanding the world
  • Ask children to describe the sensory properties of the foods you’re using. E.g. what does it feel like, what can you smell, what colours do you see, what does it taste like- communication and language
  • Support children to follow the recipe and demonstrate each step and encourage them to copy. It’s a good idea for them to work in small groups or pairs- literacy and personal, social and emotional development
  • Support children to try cooking skills such as whisking, chopping and mashing- physical development
  • Encourage children to decorate their pancake with their chosen topping- expressive art and design

Link to EYFS 1.5, 1.9

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