Christmas Pizza

We love creating Christmas recipes and particularly those that are easy for your little ones to get involved with. Our Christmas pizza is a perfect activity for the whole family to try out at home! This recipe is healthy, balanced and nutritious! It can be adapted to include some of your little ones favourite vegetables too!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to be creative in the range of activities you do with children. This week we asked the nursery children to draw a symbol they associated with Christmas and we have chosen two (of the many creations!), a Christmas Tree and Christmas Stocking. We used these drawings to shape our Christmas pizza.


  • Rolled Pastry: Limit the use of pastry to once a week (in nursery), as it can be high in fat and saturated fat. Instead of pastry you can use pitta bread or chapatti or bread slices. You can also swap the pastry for pitta bread, chapati or a wrap
  • Your choice of vegetables and tomato puree: Plan meals and snacks to include a variety of vegetables each day as it will provide children with the good balance of nutrients they need.
  • Grated Cheese to sprinkle on top Dairy foods can be provided as part of meals and snacks across the day.

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