Babycup First Cups, as demonstrated by the Early Start Group at the Nursery World Show

Water should be freely available throughout the day and children should be encouraged to help themselves. Children require approximately 6 – 8 drinks (of 100 – 150ml) each day to stay hydrated, but will need more in hot weather and before/after extra physical activity. Drinks should be offered in open top or free flow cups. Only children under the age of 1 should be permitted to use a bottle. Infants should be introduced to a cup when they start to have solid and bottles should be actively discouraged from using a bottle from the age of 12 months. Drinking from a cup requires infants to sip which will help develop the muscles in and around the face and mouth. By introducing a cup from 6 months, it makes the transition from bottle to cup easier for infants. BabyCup are one form of open top cup that can be introduced to infants and toddlers. See the following information from Babycup.

For dental and orthodontic health, leading experts recommend little ones sip from an open cup from weaning and beyond. ‘Babycup First Cups’ are mini open cups that make this an achievable reality. Perfectly proportioned for little hands and mouths, their small circumference, slim drinking edge, translucent material and carefully sized height, are just some of the reasons why babies and young children adore them. British-made, BPA-free, dishwasher and steam steriliser safe. Also suitable for cup-feeding infants. Great for home, for educational settings and for healthcare programmes.

Babycup – the little cup that’s kind to baby teeth. You can get more information on the “8 reasons” flyer here

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By Edwina Revel

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